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At 5 Points Computer Repair we have been doing things a little differently since 2012 than your average repair company. We focus on repairs and services as opposed to the other guys that focus primarily on sales.

  • We will not try to solve your problem before you tell us what is wrong because we understand that is frustrating.

  • We will not rush through the explanation of what the problem is and how we fixed it while tossing around terms that you would need a computer science degree to understand.

  • We will not patronize you and roll our eyes at your questions.

Instead we will let you explain the entire problem so that our repair will be thorough. We will take our time in our explanation of the problem and how we fixed it (or we will just fix it and return it to you with no explanation if you just want the problem to go away). And most importantly, we will answer every question you have with an explanation that you will understand.

5PCR Means 5 Star Service

We pride ourselves on speed, quality and customer service...It is for this reason that we offer a comprehensive host of services to assist in all of your computer needs, not just one or two.

  • Increasing Computer Speed

  • Replacing a Laptop Screen

  • Virus Removal

  • Data Recovery

  • Custom Computer Builds

  • Water Damage Repair/Recovery

  • Mac Repairs and Services For The Same $69 Flat Rate Fee As Windows/Pc Based Systems

  • Hardware Upgrades...and Many More!

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Connor Causey

Connor Causey

Operations Manager/Lead Repair Tech

Hours: Mon-Sunday 9 AM-10 PM

Phone: (615) 835-2985


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