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Network Maintenance


Has your network outgrown your ability to maintain it? Are you spending precious hours away from your own business needs dealing with computer and network maintenance and repair? Let us take that burden off of you and make network and computer maintenance a snap! We provide complete maintenance plans ranging from basic 1 hour monthly visit, up to having a tech onsite with you for several hours each day. The needs of your business will dictate the amount of time you require.

How Nashville Office Solutions separates our maintenance plans from those of our competitors is by not trying to over sell hours. Maintenance clients receive a discount on each hour they buy, whether as part of the contracted time, or later, if you had additional needs above and beyond the time covered in your maintenance plan. We encourage clients to start out with a smaller contract and grow into what they really need. As your IT consultant, it’s Nashville Office Solution’s job to save you money on IT spending, and we start with your contract with us.

Network Security


Don’t fall into the trap, thinking that your organization is too small to attract the attention of computer criminals. Smaller organizations are targeted specifically because of the perceived simplicity of the attack. The unfortunately reality of our modern, networked society requires that data security always be taken seriously.

Nashville Office Solutions can help you tighten your security by providing security audits, installing ISCA certified firewalls and helping you create proper policies and procedures to foster a safer computing environment.

We’ve helped too many clients out who only decided security was a priority only after a breach or data loss. Let us help you attack this problem proactively, and prevent the problems from ever happening.

IT Management


Looking for help, something more than providing network maintenance and break fix computer services? Looking for help making strategic plans regarding IT and how it can improve efficiencies, grow the business and improve the bottom line? Need the occasional services of a CIO, but haven't quite grown to the point where you need one full time, with the requisite executive salary?

Nashville Office Solutions is here to help. Our consulting team has over 20 years of experience in providing small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations the guidance and knowledge to make the best decisions about IT planning, policies, and purchasing.



Nashville Office Solutions specializes in network and system migrations. Do you still have some Windows 2000 servers in production, or perhaps you are finally ready to retire your previous set of servers with Windows Server 2003. We can help shop for the best deal on servers for you, then provide our No Downtime* migration service. We can handle upgrades to existing systems or complete system replacement. We'll make it happen with minimal loss of working time. You shut down on Friday night, we have the new system ready to go Monday morning.

We specialize in Exchange Server upgrades, and can migrate your current Small Business Serve 2000, 2003, or 2008 environment to Small Business Server 2011. Contact us for more information on these services or to obtain a quote for a migration.

* By No Downtime we mean that all imaginable human effort to avoid any outages during business hours. If you run 24 hours a day, we may not be able to do zero downtime.

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